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Ms. McNeal Goes to Washington

Posted in Bankruptcy

For those of you who have followed our blog since its inception, you will know that one of our most discussed opinions is that of In re McNeal, in which the Eleventh Circuit held that a debtor may strip a wholly unsecured junior mortgage in a Chapter 7 proceeding.  Although the decision is anathema to… Continue Reading

A Potential End-Around McNeal: Liens Partially Secured by Personal Property

Posted in Bankruptcy, Debt and Judgment Collection

When the time comes to collect a debt, few organizations are as accomplished as the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS showed just such guile in the case of In re Williams, a recent Chapter 7 proceeding in the Middle District of Georgia, in which the creditor raised an interesting, and more importantly, successful defense to… Continue Reading

Let the Stripping Begin: Lower Courts in the Eleventh Circuit Cautiously Embrace McNeal

Posted in Bankruptcy, Commercial Lending

It was only a matter of time before judges in the lower courts of the Eleventh Circuit began to accept the appellate court’s decision in McNeal. Two such opinions have recently been published in the Middle Districts of Florida and Georgia, and they address McNeal with as much contempt as many commentators have previously expressed…. Continue Reading

Though not Precedent, McNeal Proves Persuasive in Southern District of Florida

Posted in Bankruptcy, Commercial Lending, Debt and Judgment Collection

Mortgage modification has long been an angst-ridden topic for consumer creditors. The issue once again rose to the forefront in May of 2012, when the Eleventh Circuit issued the unpublished opinion of In re McNeal, wherein the court allowed a Chapter 7 debtor to “strip off,” or avoid, a wholly unsecured junior mortgage. As discussed… Continue Reading

The Threat of Lien Stripping in “Chapter 20” Bankruptcy

Posted in Bankruptcy, Debt and Judgment Collection

As discussed in the McNeal posts below, junior mortgage holders are increasingly finding that their mortgages are worth less than the paper they were printed on. Especially troubling to lenders, are conflicting decisions that allow liens, which otherwise would have passed through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, to be avoided in a subsequent Chapter 13 proceeding…. Continue Reading

First Challenge to McNeal Reveals Lien Stripping Challenges for Chapter 7 and 13 Debtors

Posted in Bankruptcy, Commercial Lending, Debt and Judgment Collection

Nearly five months after McNeal was decided by the Eleventh Circuit, a challenge has arisen within the Eastern District of New York, which has historically been fertile ground for bankruptcy law. In Wachovia Mortgage v. Smoot, the court rejected a debtor’s attempt to strip off a wholly unsecured junior mortgage in a Chapter 7 proceeding,… Continue Reading

Pending Re-Hearing, McNeal is Stripping Away

Posted in Bankruptcy

Recently, in an article published in the American Bankruptcy Institute, we dissected the recent 11th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in the case of In re McNeal. The decision was short, only two pages in fact, but in it the court drastically changed the rights of upside-down debtors with junior mortgages who have filed for… Continue Reading